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A Five-Year Plan

For this to work, we have to strip the power the oil tycoons have from them, which is not easily done. Once that happens, though, my plan can be put into action. Here is my plan:

Over the next five years, we phase out the importation of oil from the Middle East, and balance it with an increase in importation of oil from Russia and Mexico (which can be done, they have it, and boat loads of it). However, Russia and Mexico are bound to come up short when it comes to satisfying the American consumer's insatiable appetite for oil, so we supplement the difference with good ol' made-in-the-USA Ethanol.

Once totally on this system of oil production, we will be free from the grip the Middle East has on our nation's balls, and we'll be able to more fairly fight terrorism. Oh, and it will boost the economy of Russia, Mexico, and the US, which helps the world out in general.

Now, I wouldn't be a pinko-lefty if I didn't add in this next bit. This, of course, would just be an interim stage between now and the inevitable hydrogen cell. We can use our boosted economy to help fund that, too.
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Russia and Mexico have the resources, but not the infrastructure to exploit it. It'd work only if we were to invest billions of dollars into non-middle east oil countries, and the USA is not necessarily (read: at all) all that keen on investing a large amount of money now to save a shitload of money later. It can be summed up in our road system. Do we use concrete or asphault? Asphault is cheap, but it cracks, and requires to be repaired every seven years (every two if you live above the 42nd parallel). Cement, in contrast, requires much less mantainence, but is hella expensive in the short term. In the long term, it saves a hell of a lot more money. But, alas, we're more concerned in saving money now than having more money available later.
But see, Russia and Mexico already produce a lot of oil, and of course I'd never suggest that the two of them (and there are more countries, such as, uh, all of Central America) would replace the Middle East. I guess I should have emphasized the roll of Ethanol. It will be huge. Hella huge.

I say this as if it'll happen. Damn Republicans.
Democats, too. It's not about policy, it's about money. And both parties are into that. Literally every candidate since the oil crisis in the 70s have declared that their main initiative will be to lower American dependence on foreign oil. And every single candidate since has never done a damn thing.
Exactly, no one has done a damn thing. And so I think this is what we should do, but I realize it'll never happen.

And I stick by my damn Republicans statement.